“Always make room for more beauty in your life.”



The Arcona Philosphy

Arcona Los Angeles always says "Color, fragrance and consistency don't change your skin, live active ingredients do. We believe lasting beauty and skin health comes from within; whatever you put on your skin goes into your body.”

Arcona uses only the finest quality, pure & powerful ingredients that penetrate deep into the cellular layers of the skin resulting in real change for a lasting glow. Their products are infused with enzymatic-based ingredients such as high concentrations of antioxidants, plant lipids & extracts, sea vegetables, essential oils, vitamins & minerals.

And because we know that what’s not in a product can be vital, ARCONA products contain no petrochemicals, no binders or fillers, no chemical stabilizers, no parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, perfumes, dyes or any other caustic toxic ingredients.

It’s quite simple to see why Complexions Beauty Bar is so passionate about Arcona skincare. This natural, 100 % vegan* skincare line will not only deliver immediate lasting results, but will transform the integrity & texture of your skin.